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Thomas Spencer

Picture of Thomas Spencer

Thomas Spencer joined as a Fellow at TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in June 2017. Previously he was Project Director for Climate Policy at IDDRI (The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations) from 2011 and was the Project Lead for the first few months of the COP21 RIPPLES project.

Since 2008 he has worked with a number of European research institutes on European and international climate policy issues. His focus is mainly on climate policy in the European Union, with a focus on Eastern Europe. He also works on the international negotiations on climate change under the UNFCCC.

Thomas graduated from the University of Western Australia with a bachelor in English Literature and Philosophy; he has a Master of Science in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on energy economics and the public law of climate change.

Recent publications by Thomas Spencer include reports for the Nordic Council of Ministers on Russian climate policy; for Climate Strategies on the interaction of climate policy and energy security in Eastern Europe, and on the use of public financing for climate policy in Eastern European member states of the EU.