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SB50 Bonn Side Event

18 June 2019, 18:30

World Conference Center Bonn, Germany

Long-Term Strategies: How do global goals affect countries and sectors and what opportunities exist?

Bonn Room

This event will prompt a discussion on the outstanding key policy decisions related to long-term strategies and the direct social and economic consequences of meeting the Paris long-term mitigation goals. The presentations and discussions will be based on the findings of the COMMIT and COP21 RIPPLES European-funded projects, which aim to contribute to the understanding of pathways towards well below 2 °C and 1.5 °C, the enabling conditions and socio-economic consequences at sector-, country- and EU-levels.

There will be respondents from think tanks and NGOs to discuss how these scientific inputs can contribute to the ongoing policy debate.


18:30-18:40 Introduction to the event (Marta Torres Gunfaus, IDDRI)
18:40-19:20 Paths to Paris

The COP21 RIPPLES perspective (Michiel Schaeffer, Climate Analytics)  

The COMMIT perspective (Heleen van Soest, PBL)

19:20-19:45 Approaches to governance

A sectoral perspective on strengthening international cooperation (Wolfgang Obergassel, Wuppertal Institute)

International cooperation from a Global South perspective (Britta Rennkamp, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town)

19:45-20:00 Discussions and wrap up

Photo: UNFCCC Secretariat