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Report of 4th Project Meeting

The fourth consortium-wide Project Meeting took place on 8-9 May 2019 in Brussels. Beside the project’s consortium, the meeting gathered members of the Advisory Board and a few key external stakeholders were invited to attend selected parts. Held back-to-back with the 3rd Stakeholder Workshop, this was COP21 RIPPLES’s last internal meeting, taking place in a critical moment for the project as a number of key research reports are approaching completion and the project starts a set of dissemination activities planned until the end of the project lifetime (November 2019). The main objectives were to exchange latest research results among partners; discuss project’s progress, potential challenges and opportunities; develop joint multidisciplinary research findings that could be further developed in a policy brief format; and discuss and design the next steps for upcoming dissemination events. Research focus topics covered during the meeting included industrial transformation, technology development and innovation and climate finance.

Published: 2nd September 2019
Author: M. Torres (IDDRI), A. Lauer (CS), L. Hermville (WI), M. Winning (UCL)