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Deliverable 3.6

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Report on GDP, employment and distributional impacts of NDC and 2°C/1.5°C decarbonisation pathways

This deliverable presents an attempt to analyse social co-impacts of climate change mitigation policies and their implications for inequality based on the COP21 RIPPLES narratives modelled by UCL and CMCC and the existing literature with some additional qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Three case studies were conducted: the UK and Europe, Brazil and South Africa. It is evident that there is not enough research done on and data available for analysing distributional and inequality impacts of a low-carbon transition at national and regional levels. The deliverable includes suggestions for further work. It also points out the weaknesses of current economy wide modelling exercises that may underestimate the challenges of just transition, such as the assumption of the perfect labor mobility

Published: 12th February 2020
Author: A. Anger-Kraavi, B. Rennkamp et al. 2020