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Policy overview 8 (slideshow and videos): Insights into country heterogeneity in the EU low-carbon transition

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How to align decarbonisation with Bulgarian socio-economic priorities?

What may be the Italian position on the emerging world of e-mobility

What’s the substitute of coal in Poland?

Heterogeneity is not about ambition, is about the how and when – the path to get there. Ambition is defined in the Paris Agreement at global level & at the EC long-term vision at EU level. 

The need and importance of a clear vision as starting point: EC vision (towards neutrality) is a very useful concrete guide. 

Critical (for implementation and support) that each country develops a clear understanding of its role in the transition and the possible socio-economic impacts, opportunities and challenges. – Trajectories need to be defined at country level, taking into account local circumstances.

That said, it is essential for the country-level assessments to be embedded in a EU and a global context, to help identify cooperation opportunities and ensuring consistency with the global objective.

Published: 28th January 2020
Author: Marta Torres Gunfaus