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Policy Paper 5: Putting Industrial Transformation at the Heart of the European Green Deal

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  • Decarbonisation of emission intensive industries is a key challenge for achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, both for the EU and globally. The European Commission should include an ‘Industrial Decarbonisation Mission’ under the European Green Deal.
  • A coherent industrial decarbonisation strategy should provide long-term clarity for the direction of innovation, integrate different policy priorities, use the full range of innovation instruments and coordinate among different governance levels.
  • A transnational steel sector decarbonisation club could help the EU achieve several objectives at a time: advance domestic decarbonisation and renew its role as a leader in international climate diplomacy. A club could also be an ideal testbed to pilot the introduction of border carbon adjustments.

Published: 1st December 2019
Author: L. Hermwille et al. 2019