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COP23 Side Event

7 November 2017

A European Perspective: Adequacy of the Paris Agreement towards Facilitating Global Decarbonisation

Tuesday, 7th of November 2017, 10:00 – 11:30

EU Pavilion (Room Brussels)


The event presented recent work for the ongoing COP21 RIPPLES project, focused on low-carbon transition and socio-economic implications of the Paris Agreement and the role of international climate governance. The event:

  • Provided an overview of the project scope and objectives
  • Detailed the transformation required in the energy system to go beyond the 2°C target and how innovation in low-carbon technologies can foster ambition
  • Discussed the core functions of international governance of climate, and how governance institutions can address sectoral transformation challenges

The event was followed by a concluding panel session.

Please find the agenda and presentations below, available for download.