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Deliverable 4.3

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In-depth analysis of international governance landscape and the role of the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement in selected key areas

This report builds on previous analysis made by the COP21 RIPPLES project, where the promise and potential for international governance was assessed and remaining governance gaps -and ways how to bridge them- were identified in the following separate pieces of analysis, which are included in the download file.

  • D4.3a: From transformational climate finance to transforming the financial system for climate
  • D4.3b: International Technology and Innovation Governance for Addressing Climate Change: Options for the EU
  • D4.3c: A Sectoral Perspective on Climate Clubs
  • D4.3d: Exploring the Prospects for a Sectoral Decarbonisation Club in the Steel Industry

Collectively these four reports propose challenges to the EU and the incoming European Commission that can lead to the reorientation of its climate-related foreign policy and offer inspiration for how to engage constructively and in the spirit of the Paris Agreement in the international realm.


Published: 23rd September 2019
Author: L. Hermwille et al. 2019