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Report of 1st Policy Dialogue


This document reports on the First Policy Dialogue of COP21 RIPPLES, held in June 2019 in Brussels. Discussion were based on: (a) the current 2030 policies and approaches and the adequateness of keeping current plans; and (b) country heterogeneity in the EU low-carbon transition. With the participation of researchers, decision-makers from the European Commission and EU Member States, as well as stakeholders from civil society and industry, the event delivered a rich debate on the role of targets as signals for planning for the future both in Europe and the global level, while the examples on heterogeneity in the transition to low-carbon development in Europe raised the need to enhanced dialogues between the European Commission and the Member States on cooperation strategies.

Published: 12th February 2020
Author: A. Lauer, M. Torres, 2019