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Report of 2nd Policy Dialogue

This document reports on the Second Policy Dialogue of COP21 RIPPLES, held in October 2019 in Brussels. Discussion were based on: (a) finance gaps and how to facilitate access to capital and technology in a fair manner; and (b) global industrial transformation and political economy in emerging economies. With the participation of researchers, decision-makers from the European Commission, as well as stakeholders from civil society and industry, the event delivered a rich debate on the requirements for robust green finance facilities to support the EU’s and global climate targets, the development of green technologies and decarbonisation of industry as an opportunity for climate action and to build the EU’s leadership. An overarching discussion was on how the EU can contribute to the global response to climate change – both as an international actor and as a means to lever domestic progress.

Published: 12th February 2020
Author: A. Lauer, J-A. Hogbin, M. Torres