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Milestone 3.1

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Literature Review of Energy Security Indicators

The aim of this literature review is to set the stage for future prospective evaluation of COP21 implications for energy security in the European Union.

First, we suggest the definition of energy security as a multidimensional form taking into account temporal and space effects. The definition is adapted to the European gas context and future large expansion of intermittent renewable sources.

In the second part, we describe 46 energy security indicators issued from literature, 24-35 of which may be derived from POLES scenarios. We also explain how to build a composite indicator in order to compare the level of energy security between countries or scenarios if a high number of specific indicators are used.

In the final section, we study the European background of energy security by recalling the commitments and targets of European climate and energy policies and by reviewing the existing literature of climate policy implications on energy security.

These studies suggest that climate policy has generally a positive impact on energy availability and sustainability, but the impact on affordability may be both negative and positive. Moreover, the impact on three other dimensions (resilience, grid reliability and economic development) remains unknown. In addition, two case studies of energy security background are done for Poland and Bulgaria.


Published: 31st July 2018
Author: S. Mathy et al.